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Just when I think this election can’t get more disgusting, it gets more disgusting. Apparently the Conservatives want to take a tip from the Spanish Inquisition, when neighbours court report each other. (Did you know that during the Spanish Inquisition Christians of Muslim descent were required to leave their doors open on Thursday evenings and Friday mornings to prove to their neighbours that they weren’t bathing? Because you know, that was considered a ‪#‎barbaricculturalpractice‬.) This isn’t about domestic violence. If Harper wanted he could announce more funding or domestic violence shelters and for programs for victims of domestic violence. But Continue reading

two tiered citizenship

Stephen Harper has taken another step in pandering to his racist base by choosing to use bill C 24 to revoke a Canadian’s citizenship during the election period. Zakaria Amara went through the Canadian justice system and is serving his time. If he and his parents were all born and raised in Canada, and if he had no other citizenship than a Canadian citizenship, then jail and parole would be the full extent of his punishment. However because he has Jordanian citizenship he faces a punishment that Canadians born-in-Canada to Canadian parents don’t. He is facing having his Canadian citizenship stripped and being deported. Continue reading

my favorite three NDP politicians

One of my cousins commented the other day about the tendency to vote against political leaders instead in favor politicians, and that led to my decision to write this post, about three great NDP politicians running in this upcoming election. If you want incentive to vote NDP in this next election, read about these three and think about how much good they could do if their party was in power. Charlie Angus Charlie Angus was one of the two NDP politicians who helped bring Attawapiskat to Canadian’s attention a few years ago when the community declared a state of emergency. He’s Continue reading

There are plenty of reasons for Harper’s base to be annoyed at him

There are plenty of reasons for Stephen Harper’s base to be annoyed with Harper. Harper’s party is a very untrustworthy ally to have. Recently he bribed the National Firearm Association to keep quiet about their dissent to C-51 by offering to let them present their amendments to bill C-42. I’m annoyed to hear that he would try to silence dissent that way, but I guess that’s politics for you. What could cause Harper problems this election is that after C-51 passed they didn’t even let the gun group have their say on the other bill! They hadn’t promised to make the changes the gun Continue reading

GMOs and politicians: how do we know what is true or not?

I had a really good facebook conversation yesterday, in a public page about politics. The topic was one GMOs and I was taking a position that would have been inconceivable to me several years ago. I was arguing against mandatory labelling of GMOs. Someone else made a really good comment saying that the labelling shouldn’t just be “GMO free” or “Includes GMOs” but should have the little symbol so people with smart phones can quickly get all the background information about what type of GMOs were included. He said he’s okay with GMO apples with a gene for browning knocked Continue reading

I homeschool with a village to help me.


There is a meme I’ve seen going around on facebook and twitter that says “I homeschool because I’ve seen the village and I don’t want it raising my child.” The meme is sad on so many levels. It is incredibly sad to think of people feeling so isolated and at odds with their “villages.” Whenever I see that post, I have this urge to assure people that not all homeschoolers feel that way. I homeschool but I am grateful to the village that is helping me raise my children. I am grateful to the librarians who help us check in and Continue reading

Is the Conservative party hoping racist Canadians will put them back in power?

Steven Harper has brought into his campaign a man known for promoting racism and fear of immigrants as a way of winning elections. I hope and pray that Canadians can prove this campaign manager unsuccessful. Let’s show him that we do not fear those who speak, act, look or pray differently than us. Let’s show Harper that we appreciate those Canadians and want-to-be Canadians who have come here from other places, and that we are ready to accept refugees in need of a place to live. Over the next few weeks we are sure to hear a lot of myths Continue reading

yep, I’m going to write about the Duggar scandal.

I’m writing about the Duggar family because I think what the situation is a good one for shining light on the different ways people interpret things. The Duggar family need to decide how they will handle it, and they will decide that but everyone else who hears about the case gets to decide how they will understand the story. For some that comes very quickly and easily, while for others the situation is a bit more challenging. For some it is a story about a bad man from a good family, and others about a man from a bad ideology.  Continue reading

The not “on-the-to-do-list” list

I wrote a to do list the other morning. I felt pleased about that. I felt ambitious about everything I was going to get done. By two in the afternoon I sat down to mark off what I had got done. There were only two of the seven things done. For a moment I felt dumbfounded, confused by why when I was trying so hard to do things I would fail at getting anything done. Then I started writing a second list. This is my list of things that were not on the to-do-list, but got done anyway. Mop up Continue reading

why we need to listen to children’s perceptions of bullying

Bullies' words are not like water. They don't always bounce off a child. It is up to the adults to listen to how the child perceived the bullying, and help the child find a safe way to understand it.

“Sometimes,” my child said to me, “it is easier to think of the other person as a jerk.” He had been excited about a summer day camp that promised kayaking and archery, but after a day and a half the toll of dealing with bullies was too much. His head was hurting all the time and he was angry and confused. As an extremely thoughtful, sensitive child the bullying raised questions for him about what his place in the world was, how to balance his desire not to see others in pain with his need to protect himself, and whether Continue reading