food regulations

A friend on facebook posted a link to this article: Michigan Officials Destroy $5,000.00 worth of Good Organic Food from Family Farm. Besides leaving me wondering whether the inclusion of the “.00″ was meant to make the amount appear larger to the quick casual reader, the headline makes me think about a time when I was a teenager, and a bunch of 4-H beef was seized from a butcher’s shop Continue reading

Emotional chaos

Parenthood can be wonderful. It can be filled with blissful days of reading to kids, watching them play, making all sorts of great memories. But it can also be incredibly difficult, particularly if your child doesn’t seem to fit the norms. I look back with exhaustion at the last almost-ten-years. I remember all the times when I’d gaze enviously at the other mothers sitting nicely talking with one another while Continue reading

something that might fail: my story of raising monarchs

something that could fail: my story of raising monarchs

There is something amazingly about watching monarch butterflies. For a while we’ve been watching the caterpillars grow up on the milkweed plants outside our house. This past few days we’ve had four monarch caterpillars inside our house. I brought them inside because some sort of black death was taking many of the caterpillars outside, and I had been cutting away frantically at the leaves with dead ones, throwing them out Continue reading

Lesson ideas using Superman comics

Homeschooling ideas using Superman

As a kid I enjoyed watching Lois and Clark, or at least the first two seasons of it, but I never actually read any Superman comics. It’s only been recently with my kids interested in superheroes that I’ve started to learn more about them. At first I was thrown by the discontinuity of the stories. I tried to link things together looking for a big storyline, until I suddenly realized Continue reading

The Prince Iggy Books

Prince Iggy and the Kingdom of Naysayers

It’s been a while since I’ve accepted the gift of a book in exchange for a review. I’ve been hesitant to for fear of being stuck with books that I can’t really enjoy, but recently I decided to try out the Prince Iggy series by Aldo Fynn, and really enjoyed sharing it with my kids. Prince Iggy grew up in the Kingdom of Naysayers, in a boarding school my nine Continue reading

Minecraft Math: online course


Update: The class is now filled! I look forward to “meeting” all the students this September. For those just visiting this page, you can still check out the other classes offered by Gifted Homeschoolers Forum and you may be interested in a few of the blog posts I’ve written previously with ideas for using minecraft to teach math. Minecraft math: Sugarcanes Minecraft math: negative exponents (and stairbuilding) Minecraft math: power Continue reading

why some parenting advice is more useful than others

parenting advice

Parenting advice from strangers is a bit like being told “go three blocks and turn left” by someone who knows where they want you to get but not where you are to begin with. It’s not exactly going to work. There’s a post over at Homeschooling Hatters about the blogger realizing she should have taken another safety precaution, one she didn’t because she assumed her child was too old to Continue reading

Gifted Child, Gifted Parent

Gifted Parenting Blog Hop

A post caught my eye the other day. It is about how a gifted childhood prepared a person for parenting gifted children. It got me thinking about what aspects of my childhood helped prepare me for parenting my kids, and which makes things more complicated. I’m going to write up some of my thoughts now as part of the Gifted Parenting Blog Hop. I was a gifted child. Probably. I Continue reading

Nature Study Link-Up

nature study

Today I’m co-hosting a blog link-party on the topic of studying nature. I’m curious to see what the different bloggers and hosts post about, because I think there are several different ways to study nature. I’ve seen lesson plans that involve more or less adult guidance and all different amounts of supplies. To some people studying nature means worksheets, crafts and experiments. To others it means watching insects and playing Continue reading

Intelligent Design: money and PR instead of science

The book Only a Theory: Evolution and the Battle for American’s Soul by Kenneth R. Miller mentions this organization – Discovery Institute – which has a 4 million a year budget to promote their “Intelligent Design” nonsense. In 1998, as they were trying to get funding, a document known as the Wedge Document was written. It included their goals including a five year goal for “one hundred scientific, academic, and Continue reading