yep, I’m going to write about the Duggar scandal.

I’m writing about the Duggar family because I think what the situation is a good one for shining light on the different ways people interpret things. The Duggar family need to decide how they will handle it, and they will decide that but everyone else who hears about the case gets to decide how they will understand the story. For some that comes very quickly and easily, while for others the situation is a bit more challenging. For some it is a story about a bad man from a good family, and others about a man from a bad ideology.  Continue reading

The not “on-the-to-do-list” list

I wrote a to do list the other morning. I felt pleased about that. I felt ambitious about everything I was going to get done. By two in the afternoon I sat down to mark off what I had got done. There were only two of the seven things done. For a moment I felt dumbfounded, confused by why when I was trying so hard to do things I would fail at getting anything done. Then I started writing a second list. This is my list of things that were not on the to-do-list, but got done anyway. Mop up Continue reading

why we need to listen to children’s perceptions of bullying

Bullies' words are not like water. They don't always bounce off a child. It is up to the adults to listen to how the child perceived the bullying, and help the child find a safe way to understand it.

“Sometimes,” my child said to me, “it is easier to think of the other person as a jerk.” He had been excited about a summer day camp that promised kayaking and archery, but after a day and a half the toll of dealing with bullies was too much. His head was hurting all the time and he was angry and confused. As an extremely thoughtful, sensitive child the bullying raised questions for him about what his place in the world was, how to balance his desire not to see others in pain with his need to protect himself, and whether Continue reading

There are so many election issues that matter.

One of the reasons that an eleven week election period feels like a drag is the that politicians and the media focus too much on the wrong things. They focus on mud slinging, on scandal and on just a small handful of controversial issues, when there are much more interesting issues at play. Eleven weeks might seem like a long time for talking about the Duffy trial or to hear politicians bashing one another, but if a person is trying to get a handle on what the different political parties are actually doing or speaking of doing, 11 weeks doesn’t seem that long. Let’s talk about Continue reading

Thoughts on a nitrogen dioxide leak.

Today started off with an alarm going off outside for a nitrogen dioxide leak from the local smelter. My husband and I listened to updates on the radio and read notes on social media as tried to decide how he should get to work. It didn’t seem safe for him to walk, and I didn’t really want to load the kids into our one vehicle to drive him, but then I didn’t want him to take the car either in case we really did feel it necessary to leave our house and go out someplace further away from the leak. Continue reading

physical education for homeschooling

I used to think my family wasn’t very into sports. Sure, the kids do curling and swimming, but we’ve never signed them up for a summer baseball or soccer league. For the most part I figured that the kids were always outside running about so I didn’t really worry about physical education. I didn’t worry – until I signed them up for an eight week kids sports program. It was a great community program where the kids could do a different sport every week and what startled me was how clumsy my kids were with the balls. Even the basic stretches at Continue reading

Election 2015: Stop Harper Resource List

Stop Harper Resource Page

Harper has increased the election period because he knows he can outspend other parties. That means those of us who want him out have work to do. We need to donate money to the parties and other organizations working to campaign against him. We need to volunteer for those parties and organizations. We need to help make up for the lack of funds that other parties face, either through our money or our time. Here is a quick list of some of the organizations that… well… they don’t all say straight out that they want Harper out of office but they want Harper Continue reading

Minecraft Multiplication Practice


Are you looking for ways to convince your children to practice their multiplication facts? There are many places to get minecraft flashcards with random minecraft pictures and random multiplication facts, but I wanted a way in which to give my seven year old more practice with the multiplication that is integral to minecraft itself. I decided to work on just the multiples of four and six and I devised both some instructions for him to work through on the computer and a set of cards to play with at the kitchen table. Download the cards here: minecraftmemorymatchcards The Multiplication Practice Continue reading

Conversations to go with three great picture books

I am loving that my youngest is excited about picture books. There was just a little while where she didn’t care much for us reading to her, and her brothers were into chapter books, but now she’s right back into picture books. Three of the books we read recently struck me as being really interesting. They all had some aspect in which the limits of what the characters know becomes apparent. It led to some interesting conversations. There were other things I liked about the books too, so I’m dusting off the old blog and writing about them. (There are Continue reading

Advice for Choosing Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschooling friends, are you starting to think about what curriculum you will be using next year? The Canadian Homeschooling Blogging Team’s blog hop for this month is about Choosing Curriculum, so I have decided to share my tips and commentary on choosing and using curriculum. I use good quality curriculum materials because I want my children to learn more than I know. I want them to learn math strategies that I’ve long since forgotten, and spelling rules I was never taught. At the same time the curriculum I purchase tends to be expensive. Someone put a lot of effort into making Continue reading